Frequently Asked Questions

Following are questions frequently asked by our customers about car title loans. If you have any additional questions at all, please feel free to contact us at your convenience!

Precisely what are North Carolina Car Title Loans?

We give you fast and premium quality service that will offer you a vehicle title loan on the value of the automobile you have the title to. Laurinburg Car Title Loans assists you to get approved fast to be able to have your money quickly.

What do I need to do to get my instant car title loan payments?

We can accept a VISA or MasterCard debit card, a money order or perhaps a certified check.

Will you allow me to pay off my no credit automobile title loan within 42 months if I want to?

You are free to repay your car title loan as fast as you would like to. We do not ask you for a fee for paying it quicker like most companies tend to do. You deserve to repay your loan more rapidly if you would like without having to pay anyone for the privilege.

How do I begin getting my money once I am fully approved?

All you need to do is finalize your loan with one of our service representatives.

What do I must do now that I am pre-approved?

Next comes the part where one of our friendly customer care specialists calls you to work through the rest of your application over the phone. Your loan is going to be underwritten by an individual who personally discusses your situation to get you the best auto title loan.

What will I have to have to obtain my instant money car title loan?

You will have to make sure that you possess the title of your auto with no liens on it, a driver's license from the State of North Carolina, your Social Security Card to verify your identity, proof that your vehicle is insured, an ongoing phone or utility bill to demonstrate your residence, the most current pay stub from your pay check, 2 references and a supplementary set of your automobile's keys. That's all there's to it.